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All salon services are preformed by highly trained and licensed hair stylists. We offer cut and color services using the world's leading sustainable luxury hair care. Our green & clean beauty knowledge, mixed with our training in conventional hair care treatments, gives us the ability to customize all our services directly to your needs. We are here to help you achieve your hair goals while keeping you and the planet healthy.

Color Services

All color services start with a 1-on-1 consultation with your stylist before mixing your custom color using our eco-conscious color lines. These include ammonia-free, permanent, semi-permanent, grey-coverage, and lighteners. We will ensure you leave looking and feeling your best, and on your way to achieving your hair goals!


Partial Foil

Full Foil


All Over Lightening

Color Correction*
All Over Color

Fashion/Camo Color

Root Retouches


*Consultation Required


Hair Cuts

Our stylists are constantly taking classes and learning about new techniques in hair cutting for all  lengths and textures. Every haircut includes a scalp massage, shampoo & style with our sustainable luxury hair care.

Haircuts Based on Length 

Clipper Cuts

Beards and Bangs

Free Chemotherapy Shaves


All cut prices include blow drying



If you notice that your hair or scalp is dry, brittle, damaged, or you want to prevent future damage, we have the perfect hair treatments for all hair and skin types. Book a treatment with a stylist today to start the road to repair, prevention, and beautiful hair today!

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Detoxifying Treatment

Re-Plumping Treatment

Purifying Treatment (Anti-Dandruff)

Nourishing Treatment

Intense Nourishing Treatment

Shine Treatment

Clarifying Treatment (Scalp Scrub)

Energizing Scalp Treatment

Renewing Scalp Treatment

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment (Oily/Buildup)

Scalp Microchanneling for Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation



Blow Outs & Makeup Application

Love to have your hair blown out and styled? We have amazing Blow Out Packages with huge savings!​ Our stylists and MUAs have many years experience in makeup and hair styling for weddings and events.

Blow Outs

Makeup (Wedding & Formal Events)



Many years ago, when people started to make "Green & Clean" personal care products, we noticed that being better to ourselves and the environment meant we had to strip away a lot of what made the products smell nice, lather beautifully, and just plain work for our hair and skin.

Fast Forward 20 years, and we are all still in the mindset that "Green & Clean" means sacrificing the science of conventionally made products to save the planet and yourself from damaging endocrine disrupters. 

We are here to tell you that the science has come a long way!

There are product lines that not only meet the "Green & Clean" standard, but exceed it with a BCorp certification for their entire line of hair and skin care. As these lines have developed, aestheticians and stylists have begun to learn more about the lack of sustainability and harm caused by conventionally made products; not only on the environment, but to our bodies as well.


TCA Team Leaders


Owner & Aesthtician

I started in the beauty industry in 1999 and have loved my career everyday since!

With over 17 diplomas & certifications from two countries, I have worked in salons, spas, weddings, red carpet, on set, backstage, and in my own shop. We shouldn't have to give up our love of Luxury to save the planet and our wellness. 


Lead Stylist & Partner

I have been in the beauty industry for 19 years. I love the relationships I get to form with my clients and getting to create art with their cuts and colors. I like to specialize in cuts, especially razor cuts, and all over color transformations.

Give the Gift of TCA

Treat yourself or someone special to the perfect gift. Virtual gift cards purchased through our site can be used only for product purchases on the site. Gift cards purchased through our Square can be used for in-store services and product purchases only. 



At TCA, we live by the 80/20 Rule; ensuring that 80% of what we use in our salon and spa is as environmentally and socially friendly as possible, and 20% is conventionally made and has a purpose; to fill a gap not yet filled by the "Green & Clean" lines we use. 

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